Massage Therapy For Women
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Our Qualified Healers...
                                  Front left-Cheryl Haar, Owner of Massage Therapy for Women

Cheryl Haar LMT- Owner
    Cheryl has been the founder and owner of Massage Therapy for Women since 1994.
 Her passion was to create a cozy haven for women from all walks of life, to nurture themselves for their own         healing.  She created a space where all the senses get touched.  Her specialties in massage include, but are not       limited to Swedish, Foot Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Thai Massage and RUIT Therapy.

Cheryl is also the instructor for the Stretch For Health one-day seminars.

Teri Kato - LMT
   Teri Kato has been Cheryl's right hand Therapist since 1995.  She excels in a multitude of massage modalities. Of her specialties, some of which are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Foot Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Healing Touch, Lymphatic Drainage, Arch and other forms of energy work.

MTFW Mascots:

   As seen from left to right, Latke and Gimel are our two resident relaxation coaches.

Just looking at them can put one to sleep.  Our clients are welcomed to visit them out back in our contained little doggie park. Gimel and Latke are official doggie therapists.  They go visiting the children and the elderly on Wednesdays at Kaiser Hospital.

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